Athletic eligibility has several components. They are as follows:

A) Each student makes normal progress toward graduation as specified below:


At completion of the 1st semester:

12 units





Beginning of the 3rd semester:

24 units


Beginning of the 4th semester:

36 units





Beginning of the 5th semester:

52 units


Beginning of the 6th semester:

64 units





Beginning of the 7th semester:

80 units


Beginning of the 8th semester:

96 units


Beginning of the 9th semester:

112 units


B) Each student must have completed 24 units in the past twelve months.

C) Each student must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 units in the semester of competition.   If you drop below 12 units, you become immmediately ineligible.  (The only exception to this rule is if you are in the final semester prior to your graduation and you are registered for enough credits to graduate- NCAA Bylaw

D) Each student must maintain an overall and previous semester GPA at or above the academic probation level determined by the Academic Standing Committee as follows:

  1.85 at the end of the 1st semester of the freshman year
  2.00 at the end of the freshman year and thereafter

E) Disciplinary probation makes one immediately ineligible for athletic competition.

OccidentalCollege, SCIAC, and NCAA Additional Stipulations

Outside Competition:
You may not  compete on any outside team in your sport during the same season of that sport.  (In basketball, there is no outside competition allowed except in the summer months.)

Use of Tobacco Products: Tobacco use is prohibited  by athletes, coaches, trainers, managers, and game officials during practices, meetings, or games.

Gambling:  Athletes and athletic department staff members are prohibited  from any gambling activity that involves intercollegiate or professional athletics. 

Inappropriate Behavior:  When behavior of student-athletes is not consistent with the SCIAC Ethics and Conduct Statement, Occidental College regulations, or relevant laws, whether on or off the playing field or whether in or out of season, disciplinary action that is consistent with College policy will be taken. 

Participation on an athletic team is a privilege, not a right, and suspension of that privilege can occur at any time when a student-athlete fails to conduct him or herself in a manner appropriate to the expectations of the Head Coach, Director of Athletics or other College officials.