Occidental College Men's Ultimate Frisbee





Vegas was a blast! Not only did we play very hard and win most of our games, but it was a bonding session for the core group of guys that were there. We were running Savage, which is an ultimate term for playing with the bare minimum, 7, players all day. Our first game started at 8 am on Saturday, so it took a little while for us to get started against a weak Southern Utah squad, but after taking half 7-5, we achieved our goal of not letting them score in the second half, winning 13-5. Our next game was against a very talented Arkansas team. We ended up losing badly 13-2, not playing nearly as well as we should have. The rest of our day was much easier. We rolled a weak UCSD-B team 13-1 and a Wyoming squad 13-6 to finish the first day 3-1. There was stellar play all around, despite nagging injuries for Andrew Featherston and Zachary Bruno. Ben Toney traveled up Saturday night to give us an extra player on Sunday. Our day started with another 8 AM game against Nevada-Reno. This was a great warm up game for the squad as we rolled to a 13-5 victory. Our overall record of 4-1 placed us in the Championship bracket and set us against a very talented North Texas team. We led North Texas for most of the game, but choked it away at the end. Throughout the game, we played the smoothest offense that Detox has ever seen. Andrew Featherston led the charge with great cutting from the middle and hucks. Our next game pitted us against Utah State. Due to exhaustion, we dropped the ball, losing a very winnable game 13-11. For our last game of the tourney, we played the Air Force Academy. They had 25+ players, and for a moment, we considered forfeiting the game and heading home. Instead we decided to leg it out and see how the first half went. Despite our exhaustion, we played hard and took half 7-5. Air Force evened up the game at 10-10, but Noah Donnell-Kilmer and Jacob Surpin took over the game with decisive handling, punching in the last two scores to win 12-10. Overall this was a great weekend for Detox Ultimate and the members of the team who didn't come have some catching up to do.

Oxy took part in a round-robin tournament to start the season. Despite fielding almost half a squad of new players, the team played very well. We saw consistent play from returners and surprisingly great play from many new guys in their first taste of college ultimate. USC should not have scored, but we made one mistake and they were able to capitalize. We finished the game in 45 minutes, compared to the hour and 20 minutes games usually take. Azusa looked like a good opponent, but their inexperience and our smothering defense ensured the win. A highlight of the game was shredding their zone defense with patient throws and decisions. Against Claremont, our rivals, our lack of key players missing with injuries and general fatigue hindered our ability to play. Claremont had over 30 players compared to our 18. We fought hard and were able to close the gap, but we opened up our lines to give new guys experience. Overall it was a great day and really helped our team learn what we need to work on.

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