Current Student-Athletes

NCAA DIII Rules Summary

Please click here for the NCAA DIII Rules Summary. This document is required reading for all NCAA DIII student-athletes and must be read before taking the Occidental Student-Athlete Eligibility test.

NCAA Drugs Video

Please click here to watch the NCAA drugs education video. This video must be watched before taking the Occidental Student-Athlete Eligibility test.

Academic eligibility


Academic eligibility for student-athletes has several components.  They are as follows:

A)  Each student makes normal progress toward graduation as specified below:

                        FR:      At completion of the 1st semester:    12 units

                        SO:      Beginning of the 3rd semester:            24 units

                                    Beginning of the 4th semester:            36 units

                        JR:       Beginning of the 5th semester:            52 units

                                    Beginning of the 6th semester             64 units

                        SR:      Beginning of the 7th semester:            80 units

                                    Beginning of the 8th semester:            96 units

                                    Beginning of the 9th semester:            112 units

B)        Each student must have completed 24 units in the past twelve months.

C)        Each student must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 units in the semester of competition.  If you drop below 12 units, you become immediately ineligible.

The only exception to this rule is if you are in the final semester prior to your graduation and you are registered for enough credits to graduate (per NCAA by-law


D)        Each student must maintain an overall and previous semester GPA at or above the

academic probation level determined by the Academic Standing Committee as follows:

1.85 at the end of the 1st semester of the freshman year.

                                    2.00 at the end of the freshman year and thereafter. 

E)        A student-athlete granted a fifth-year of eligibility by the SCIAC and NCAA due to hardship and is representing Occidental Athletics in his or her final semester before graduating must carry a minimum of a four credit academic course load.

F)         Any student placed on A Semester of Academic Concern becomes immediately ineligible to either practice or compete in intercollegiate athletics at Occidental. Under limited circumstance, academically ineligible students may petition Oxy's NCAA Faculty Athletic Representatives (Prof. Lynn Mehl and Prof. Linda Lyke) to regain their eligibility.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policies


All student-athletes must follow Occidental College’s alcohol and other drug policy. Click here for more information.

NCAA Banned Drug List

The NCAA strictly regulates alcohol and drug use. As a result it is important for athletes to know what is or isn’t acceptable to put in their body. Click here for more information.       

Use of Tobacco Products

Athletes, coaches, trainers, managers and game officials are prohibited from using tobacco during practices, meetings or games.

Conduct and Ethics

Inappropriate Behavior

When the behavior of student-athletes is not consistent with the SCIAC Ethics and Conduct Statement, Occidental College rules and regulations, or relevant laws, whether on or off the playing field or whether in or out of season, disciplinary action that is consistent with College policy will be taken.  Participation on an athletic team is a privilege, not a right, and suspension of that privilege (immediate ineligibility) can occur at any time when a student-athlete fails to conduct him or herself in a manner appropriate to the expectations of the Head Coach, Director of Athletics or other College officials.


The ritualistic event or an ongoing activity involving harassment, abuse or humiliation, both physical and mental, used as a way of initiating a person into a group or organization is prohibited.  Hazing is against California state law and College policy. Click here for more information.

Sexual Misconduct

Members of the college community, guests and visitors have the right to be free from sexual violence. All members of the campus community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others. The College will not tolerate gender-based sexual misconduct. Click here for more information.

Academic Misconduct

Occidental College takes academic misconduct very seriously. Click here for more information.

Outside Competition

You may not compete on any outside team in your sport during the same season of that sport.  (In basketball, there is no outside competition allowed except in the summer months).


Athletes and athletic department staff are prohibited from any gambling activity that involves intercollegiate or professional athletics.

Awards, Benefits & Expenses

Receipt by a student-athlete of an award, benefit or expense allowance not authorized by NCAA legislation renders the student-athlete ineligible to compete. Below are examples of common areas of concern that student-athletes may experience in everyday situations with a specific emphasis on extra benefits.

The NCAA defines an extra benefit as any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a representative of the institution's athletics interests to provide a student-athlete (or a student-athlete's relative or friend) a benefit that is not generally available to other Occidental College students and their relatives and/or friends or, is not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation.  With this in mind please make note of the following circumstances:

  1. Student-athletes cannot accept the following from an employee of Occidental College or any individuals officially affiliated with Occidental:
    1. Any gifts including, but not limited to use of a car, clothing, gifts, money, tickets for any entertainment, undue compensation, travel expenses, free meals or any other items that would not be available to other Occidental students.
    2. An invitation to be a guest at a restaurant if accompanied by a free meal.
    3. Discounted or free storage during the summer months.
    4. Reduced cost or free room and/or board. This is not limited to California. This includes “house sitting” without paying the appropriate rent that would be associated with the property.
    5. Any form of special agreement that would result in a receiving a discount, arrangement of payments and/or credit towards the purchase. This includes any good or service.
    6. Any form of free or reduced priced merchandise or services not available to the general public.
    7. Loans
    8. Use of Athletic Department copy machines, fax machines, or making long distance calls from an Athletic Department phone.
    9. Any frequent traveler miles that were financed by Occidental College
  2. Student-Athletes cannot accept any papers, reports, projects or any other academic materials from a member of the Athletic Department. Nor can a student-athlete ask for anything to be authored by a member of the Athletic Department.
  3. An Occidental College employee or an individual affiliated with Occidental cannot provide student athletes with a loan of money, a guarantee of bond, the use of a car, or signing or cosigning of a note to arrange a loan.
  4. Student-athletes can however accept the following from employees of Occidental College or any individuals official affiliated with Occidental:
    1. Invitation for dinner at the home of an employee of Occidental College or any individual official affiliated with Occidental for special infrequent occasions such as birthdays or holidays.
    2. Transportation within a reasonable distance around Occidental. However Occidental vehicles cannot be used to assist the moving process for a student-athlete.

More information is available by contacting the Athletic Department for confirmation at (323) 259-2715 or at

Occidental Sports Medicine

Please click here to learn more about Occidental College’s sports medicine. 

Occidental Support

Academic Support

Academic support is available at Occidental College for all students. Click here for more information.

Emmons Wellness Center

Emmons Student Wellness Center provides medical care, preventive health education and supportive counselling services. Click here for more information.

Career Center

What is Occidental's Career Development Center?

Click here for information about Occidental's Sophomore Success Program.



If you are interested in transferring to another NCAA DIII institution you can release yourself to talk to that institution’s athletic department staff. Please click here for the NCAA DIII self-release form which contains more information on this subject.


Please see Occidental’s compliance officer, Rob Bartlett, for more information about transferring to a NCAA DI, DI or NAIA school. (323)259-2715. 

NCAA DIII Rule Manual

Please click here for an electronic copy of the NCAA DIII Rules Manual. This document contains all the rules and regulations that govern DIII.


Prospective Student-Athletes

First year and Transfer Admission and Financial Aid Information

To learn more about the Occidental application process and financial aid please click here for more information.

Recruiting Form

To initiate the Occidental recruiting process, please fill out one of our recruiting forms. Our coaching staff will get then back to you as a soon as possible. Click Here for more information.

Visiting Occidental College

If you are interested in visiting Occidental College please contact the head coach of the sport you’re interested in playing. To learn more about campus visits, interviews, and overnight visits you can also click here.

Transfer Students

Transfers from two year colleges are free to contact the Occidental head coach of the sport they wish to play.

Transfers from NCAA Division I, Division II and NAIA institutions need to be released from their current school before speaking to an Occidental coach. Please consult the NCAA transfer guide book listed below for more information.

Transfer from D1 D2 NAIA

Transfers from NCAA Division III schools must fill out a self-release form before contacting an Occidental coach. The link below contains more information about this process.

Self Release Form

If you have any questions about the transfer process please contact Occidental’s compliance officer Rob Bartlett – (323) 259-2715.