Operating under the authority of Occidental College, the Athletic Hall of Fame committee serves to assist in the selection and induction of individuals and teams worthy of recognition while protecting and preserving the integrity of the institution and its athletic program.

To nominate someone, please click here.

When making nominations, please note the following information.

A person may be nominated in more than one category. Categories include:


ATHLETE – candidates nominated in this category must have displayed extraordinary ability and performance while participating in athletics and must be 10 or more years removed from college. Individual honors such as; All-American, All-SCIAC and All-Region selections or era appropriate recognition are important criteria. Candidates must be of “alumni” status (must have satisfactorily completed two consecutive semesters at Occidental).

COACH – candidates nominated in this category must have made outstanding contributions to the field of athletics through coaching, teaching, mentoring and/or serving the Occidental athletic community. Superior coaching record is important, but founding programs and dedication to athletics and the student-athlete experience should be considered. Active coaches are eligible.

EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE – outstanding contributor to Occidental athletics through professional service, support and/or volunteer work. The individual should have been a member of the Occidental athletic community for a significant period of time.

TEAM – Outstanding record or accomplishments such as an NCAA championship or finalist, SCIAC champion or undefeated season are key measurements. Teams that overcome tremendous adversity or personified the college mission should be considered.  Only one team can be selected in a given year. The team must be 10 years removed from the nominated season. A team may only be nominated for one season at a time (1998, not 1996-1998). All official members of the coaching staff and roster will share the honor. The “team,” not its individual members, is in the Hall of Fame.

Notes:  In the selection process it will be important to recognize that intercollegiate athletics and sport in general has changed significantly over time. Performance in different decades should not be compared.

A nomination is active forever. Any member of the Occidental community can nominate a candidate. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

The form is the only vehicle the Occidental College Athletics Hall of Fame Selection Committee will accept for nomination purposes. Additional statements of support received via phone, letter, email, or in person will not be considered.

Fill out one form for each nominee. Please provide as much information as possible to assist the Selection Committee.