2018 Occidental Softball Roster

YR POS HT B/T Hometown Previous School
#: 00 Mackensie Priley full bio Mackensie Priley YR: Sr POS: 2B/OF HT: 5'1 B/T: R/R Hometown: Roseville, CA Previous School: Roseville High School
#: 2 Dallas Boyce full bio Dallas Boyce YR: Sr POS: P HT: 5'9 B/T: R/R Hometown: Las Vegas, NV Previous School: Durango High School
#: 3 Cora Roberts full bio Cora Roberts YR: Jr POS: C/SS HT: 5'5 B/T: R/R Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA Previous School: Yorba Linda High School
#: 5 Skylar Wuelfing full bio Skylar Wuelfing YR: FY POS: C HT: 5'6" B/T: R/R Hometown: Rocklin, CA Previous School: Rocklin HS
#: 7 Kira Elliott full bio Kira Elliott YR: Jr POS: OF HT: 5'3 B/T: L/R Hometown: La Mesa, CA Previous School: Grossmont High School
#: 8 Aerin Mellot full bio Aerin Mellot YR: FY POS: 2B HT: 5'4" B/T: L/R Hometown: Stevenson Ranch, CA Previous School: West Ranch HIS
#: 9 Olivia Thayer full bio Olivia Thayer YR: Sr POS: P/OF HT: 5'8 B/T: R/R Hometown: Montrose, CA Previous School: Crescenta Valley High School
#: 10 Cassie Carter full bio Cassie Carter YR: So POS: OF HT: 5'9" B/T: R/R Hometown: Sammamish, WA Previous School: Eastlake High School
#: 11 Nyla Gatison full bio Nyla Gatison YR: So POS: OF HT: 5'7" B/T: L/R Hometown: San Leandro, California Previous School: Castro Valley High School
#: 12 Cayman Hunter full bio Cayman Hunter YR: Jr POS: 1B/3B HT: 5'9 B/T: R/R Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Previous School: Santa Monica High School
#: 15 Samantha Yee full bio Samantha Yee YR: Sr POS: SS/3B HT: 5'6 B/T: R/R Hometown: San Francisco, CA Previous School: Lowell High School
#: 17 Ariana Granda full bio Ariana Granda YR: FY POS: 3B HT: 5'5" B/T: R/R Hometown: Carlsbad, CA Previous School: Sage Creek HS
#: 21 Stephanie Stamnes full bio Stephanie Stamnes YR: Jr POS: 1B/OF HT: 5'4 B/T: R/R Hometown: Tualatin, OR Previous School: Wilsonville High School
#: 22 Natalie Glover full bio Natalie Glover YR: Jr POS: OF HT: 5'1" B/T: L/R Hometown: Camarillo, CA Previous School: Oaks Christian
#: 23 Elizabeth Pang full bio Elizabeth Pang YR: FY POS: 1B HT: 5'9" B/T: R/R Hometown: Menlo Park, CA Previous School: Castilleja School
#: 24 Olivia Olmos full bio Olivia Olmos YR: So POS: 2B HT: 5'4" B/T: R/R Hometown: Oakland, CA Previous School: Bishop 'Dowd HS
#: 25 Bailey Stevens full bio Bailey Stevens YR: Jr POS: C/1B HT: 5'10" B/T: R/R Hometown: Elk Grove, CA Previous School: Cosumnes Oaks High School
#: 32 Madison Romero full bio Madison Romero YR: Jr POS: P/1B HT: 5'6'' B/T: R/R Hometown: Paso Robles, CA Previous School: Paso Robles High School
#: 34 Alexis Funaki full bio Alexis Funaki YR: Jr POS: P/3B HT: 5'2" B/T: R/R Hometown: Encinitas, CA Previous School: San Dieguito Academy
#: 51 Melanie Ginther full bio Melanie Ginther YR: FY POS: OF HT: 5'6" B/T: L/R Hometown: Tucson, AZ Previous School: University HS
#:   Aaliyah Khan full bio Aaliyah Khan YR: FY POS: OF/2B HT: 5'4" B/T: R/R Hometown: Alameda, CA Previous School: Alameda HS