Occidental College Faculty Athletic Representative Job Description

- Appointed by the President

- Chairs or co-chairs the Faculty Athletic Representative Committee

- Reviews and updates eligibility criteria in coordination with the Dean of the    College

- Reviews the academic eligibility of every student-athlete with the Registrar at the beginning of each season of play

- Reviews the eligibility for all international students    

- Reviews all petitions for eligibility regarding student-athletes in all areas of adjudication regarding their athletic participation (practice and game)  

- Serves as a liaison with the faculty to address any class/lab time conflicts

- Provides welcome at eligibility meetings and shares role of FARs with student-athletes

- Attends Athletic Department annual retreat and staff meetings when invited

- Serves on the selection committee for full time athletic personnel

- Meets with the SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee)

- Meets routinely with the Athletic Director

- Meets with the President, Dean of the College, and Student Affairs as needed

- SCIAC-FAC (Athletic Conference)

          Attends the SCIAC-Faculty Athletic Committee meetings (3 per year)

          May chair the SCIAC meeting on rotational basis

          May serve on SCIAC subcommittees as appointed

- NCAA (National Association)

- Attends NCAA convention as needed

- Discusses appropriate D3 legislation with Athletic Director

- May be selected to be a NCAA FAR Fellow

- Acts as the College “official” in the distribution of all NCAA surveys            

- FARA (National Faculty Representative Association)

- Serves as SCIAC representative on a rotational basis

- May be invited to attend the FARA Institute

- May attend the FARA Fall Forum (Annual Conference)