Occidental College Track and Field Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The Tiger Track Alumni Hall of Fame was established to honor past champions and acknowledge their accomplishments. In 1970, a special category was created to include those individuals who have made other outstanding contributions to track at Occidental.  Starting in 2016, the Hall of Fame Committee will begin inducting outstanding relay teams from years past.  Since the first awards banquet in 1951, 165 individuals and 3 relay teams have been honored by induction into the Hall of Fame.

Dean B. Cromwell '02-Southern California Athlete of the Year..."Maker of Champions" as the world famous coach...1948 head U.S.A. Olympic coach...charter Member of U.S.A. Hall of Fame...innumerable Olympians, National Champions and record holders.

J. Percy Hagerman '06-U.S.A. Olympian in 1904...Southern California Athlete of the Year...school record holder in long jump for 32 years...fine hurdler...Oxy ‘Athlete of 1900 Decade.’

Owen R. Bird ’10-School record holder in 440… Won 18 of 19 races in 1907 season. Later sports editor of Los Angeles Times.

A.W. Robertson '10-School record holder in 880 for 12 years...early supporter of the Tiger Track Alumni Association.

Fred C. Thomson '10-North American Athlete of the Year, 1910...three time A.A.U. Champion in the All-Around...American record holder in All-Around for 40 years... Oxy ‘Athlete of 1910 Decade’…later became a famous western movie star.

Francis S. Baer '12-School record holder in the 100...his 10.0 was a school record for 12 years.

Chester Bradbeer '12-School record holder in the 440...outstanding relay runner...overcame a 30-yard deficit to win the 1912 mile relay against U.S.C.

Bill Henry '14-Technical director and public address announcer of the 1932 Olympic Games...internationally known journalist, political analyst, T.V. commentator and authority on track and field... awarded "Medal of Freedom" (highest civilian honor) by the President of the United States.

Harry Kirkpatrick '14-Southern California Athlete of the Year...school record holder...National Junior A.A.U Champion...defeated many top hurdlers, including 1912 Olympic Champion, Fred W. Kelly.

Paul Prichard '14-School record holder in the two mile...first runner under 10 minutes...record lasted for a decade.

Bill Annin '15-Outstanding middle distance runner...school record holder in the mile...first Oxy runner under 2 minutes in the 880.

Sidney F. Foster '15-Southern California Athlete of the Year...set an American record at 50 yards...long time A.A.U. official.

John Creighton '16-School record in the high jump that lasted more than a decade: 6' 1 3/4".

S. Harrison Thomson '17-Southern California Athlete of the Year...National A.A.U. champion in the All-Around and Decathlon events...brother of Fred C. Thomson ‘10.

Holly Fulton '21-Life Member of Tiger Track Alumni Association...as its first president, his inspirational leadership helped the association develop...special T.T.A.A. Award named in his memory.

Art Martin '22-Outstanding 880 runner…School record holder.

J. Clifford Argue '24-U.S.A. Olympian in 1924 at Paris in the Pentathlon...Oxy's great "Iron Man"...School record holder in the 100 for 14 years...member of Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games.

Phil Ellsworth '24-School record holder in the 880... member of famous 1924 championship mile relay team at Penn Relays.

Leroy Goodenough '24-Nationally ranked performer and school record holder in the pole vault.

John Powers '24-Made the U.S.A. Olympic Trials in 1924 at 400 meters...school record holder in the 440...member of the 1924 Championship Mile Relay at the Penn Relays.

John "Tony" Spangler '24-Member of the famous 1924 ten man Kansas & Penn Relays teams...American College Championships Mile Relay member.

Phil Buckman '25-Member of mile relay team that won the Penn Relays "American College Championships" in 1924...outstanding sprinter...team captain.

Ernest "Nick" Carter '25-U.S.A. Olympian in 1928 at Amsterdam in 1500 meters...first great Southern California area distance runner...NCAA runner-up in mile, 1925...school records lasted for 25 years...Oxy ‘Athlete of the 1920 Decade’… prominent collegiate track coach.

Kenneth Montgomery '26- All-time Oxy great in the 880...member of many great relay teams...team captain.

Verden "Bud" Nash '26-Great Oxy long jumper...member of many great relay teams...nationally ranked in the long jump.

Ted Broadhead '27-School record holder in the 880 relay...distinguished alumni leader...president of the Tiger Track Alumni Association.

Sam Peck ’27-Long time president and inspirational leader of Tiger Track Alumni Association.

Ervin Tanner ’27- School record holder in high, low and intermediate hurdles…nationally ranked.

Carlisle Bailey '28-member of great relay teams...school record holder in the 440...president and founding member of the Tiger Track Alumni Association.

Berle Goodheart '29-Team captain...outstanding middle distance runner...school record holder in the 880.

Wendell Smith '30-All-time world list in high hurdles...14.5 best...great decathlete and school record holder.

Joe Forbes '33-Great shot-discus performer and school record holder...NCAA finalist in discus...conference record holder in discus for 20 years.

James Meeks '33-School records in all three hurdle events...school record in the highs lasted for 25 years...14.5...all-time world list.

Jack Hallatt '34-School record holder in the pole vault for 17 years...team captain...nationally ranked athlete...long jumper.

Vincent Reel '35-World ranking in low hurdles...23.4...NCAA place winner in 1934 and 1935...school record holder in 100...Oxy ‘Athlete of the 1930 Decade’…Long-time high school, collegiate, and international coach.

Claude Kilday '38-Great decathlon athlete...record holder in several events...20 year school record holder in the 100.

Walt Middleton '38-Member of great 1938 Small College Team of Champions...school record holder in jump with a nationally ranked effort...school record of 24’1 ½” lasted for 16 years.

Jim Harvey '40-High jumper and all around athlete…school record holder in high jump…Tiger Track leader.

Morgan Odell '42-Conference champion high hurdler…founding member of Tiger Track Alumni Association.

Tim Owens '48-Founding member, historian and president of Tiger Track Alumni Association...encyclopedic knowledge of track history...moving force through the entire history of Tiger Track Alumni Association.  

Mike Coster '49 - Nationally ranked and school record holder in the javelin throw.

Bill Parker '50-World ranked quarter-miler...46.9...3 time NCAA scorer in 220 and 440...on 1950 3:10.1 mile relay.

Bill Cotrel '51-440 and 880 Runner…member of school record relay…Tiger Track leader.

Walt McKibben '51-All-time world list in 220...21.3 (20.6 straightaway)...NCAA placer twice...AAU once...member "best-in-world" mile relay.

Orra McMurry '51-Conference champion pole vaulter…world respected track cinematographer…Tiger Track leader.

Sherman Miller Oxy Track ’51- World ranked 440 runner… outstanding mile relay runner.

Ted Ruprecht '51-440 runner…Member of world-ranked, school record holding 3:10.1 mile relay.

John Barnes '52-1:50.1...1952 Olympian...NCAA champion and record holder in '51 and '52...member of mile relay "best-in-world" team and world record distance medley team.

Hal Butler '52-All-time world ranking in 880...1:50.4...member of world record distance medley relay team...9:57.7.

Bob McMillen '52-Olympic record holder and silver medalist in 1500...3:45.2...on world record distance medley...NCAA champion and meet record holder...defeated Roger Bannister three times in the Olympics.

Dick Shivers '52-1952 Olympic Trials competitor...all-time world list in pole vault.

John Argue '53-Leader of the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games…helped bring 1984 Olympics to Los Angeles.

Claude Fiddler '54-Member of 2 mile relay team that broke the world record…Outstanding distance runner…ranked in Top 10 in U.S. in 2 mile run.

Brayton Norton '54-Four-time national AAU Pentathlon champion...American record holder in pentathlon...school records in long jump and javelin.

Jim Terrill '54-1956 Olympic Trials in 800...world ranked with 1:48.9 best…4:09.9 mile…anchored world record-beating 2 mile relay team…Prominent collegiate track coach.

Kelly Hester '56-NCAA place-winner in discus...all-time world list…NAIA champion and school record holder.

Jim Mathias '56-NCAA place winner in discus...school record holder…all-time world list.

Tom Meyer '56-All-time top 10 on world list in shot put...NCAA and AAU place winner…school records in shot put and javelin throws…57’ 2 ½” best.

Eddie Shinn '56-Outstanding 440 and 880 runner…member of 2-mile relay team that broke the world record…NCAA competitor.

Bob Gutowski '57-World record holder...15 93/4 on steel pole...best ever on steel to this day..."North American Athlete of the Year" for 1957...four time NCAA placer...twice NCAA Champion in pole vault...also scored in Nationals in the long jump and triple jump...NAIA Champion three times in pole vault and triple jump.

Dick Haddon ’57-High jumper…school record holder…Drake Relays champion…two time NCAA place winner.

Stuart Thomason ’57-Set school records in 100 yards, 440 relay and 880 relay. Bronze medalist in NAIA 220 yards low hurdles.

Larry Wray ’57- 880 and mile…school record 4:05.7 mile…member of world record 2-mile relay…member of collegiate record distance medley and 4-mile relay teams…NAIA champion in the 880.

Rudy Alston '58-School record 100 yard dash in 9.5…Member of school record 440, 880 and sprint medley relay teams.

Dennis Bambauer '58 - World ranked in the 440 ... Member of long-standing school record 880 relay team and NCAA record DMR team.

Ty Hadley '58-All-time world list in 880...1:48.9...anchored world record 2-mile relay team...member NCAA record 4-mile and distance medley relay teams...competed in two Olympic Trials…three time NCAA medalist in 880…NAIA mile champion.

Jon Jamison '58-NCAA javelin bronze medalist...outstanding high jumper and decathlete...school record holder in javelin…242'2" best...all-time world list.

Bob Lord '58-NAIA bronze medalist in discus throw…conference champion…track historian…Tiger Track leader.

Dave Reisbord '58-Leg on world record 2 mile relay team...member of collegiate record 2-mile, 4-mile relay, and distance medley relay teams.

Rick Schmidt ’58-Tied school record in long jump. Placed second at NAIA championships.

John Zetzman '58-NCAA and AAU place winner in 440...NAIA champion…46.9 best equaled school record.

Russ Bennett '59-NCAA 3 mile and AAU 10,000 meter medalist…school record holder in 2-mile and 3-mile.

Jack Lawrence '59-Outstanding hurdler…22.9 school record in 220 low hurdles.

Ken Shannon '59-Conference champion in discus…longtime collegiate coach at Oxy, UCLA, and University of Washington…1984 Olympic throws coach.

Tod White '59-NCAA mile and AAU steeplechase medalist…anchored school record sprint medley relay team…Member of world record 2-mile relay team and collegiate record 4-mile relay team.

Ed Crouch ’60-World-ranked pole vaulter and NAIA National Champion in the pole vault.

Joe Faust '60-School record in high jump…national freshman record…jumped 7’ to make 1960 Olympic team as a 17-year-old Oxy frosh.

Dick Hollis '60-School record 237’ 5” in the javelin as a sophomore…NCAA Honor Roll.

Glen Johnson '60-School record 57’ 73/4 “ in shot put…NAIA champion…two time NCAA place winner.

Gary Miller '60-440 and 880…team captain…world champion masters athlete…Tiger Track leader who was instrumental in the construction of the Bill Henry Track and Culley Athletic Training Facility.

Clarence Treat '60-All time world list in high hurdles...NCAA placer...1960 Olympic trials...14.0…school record holder.

Jim Cerveny '61-AAU Champion 800...1:48.4...1960 Olympic Trials...all-time world list.

Hal Harkness ’61-Holder of school freshman record for 2 miles. Influential figure in California high school track and Director of California State Track and Field Championship Meet since 1994.

Mike Lewis '61- NCAA medalist in shot put and discus throw…school record in discus…bests of 57’ 7 ½” and 171’4”.

Bill Peck '61-NCAA placer in steeplechase...Olympic Trials competitor…all-time U.S. citizen collegiate best at 10, 000 meters… AAU medalist…track historian and publisher.

Doug Smith '61-School records in sprints…9.4 and 20.5 (straight away)…NCAA place winner…masters champion.

John Dobroth '62- 7' 25/8" high jumper...NCAA place winner.

Garry Dolbow '62-School record holder in high hurdles...13.9 best…National AAU finalist.

Dick Drake ’62 – Cross country athlete, team manager and Occidental sportswriter and track publicist … long-time managing editor of Track and Field News magazine (1963-1973).  

John Pagliano '62 - Ultra long distance runner ... Nationally known podiatrist specializing in athletic well-being.

Dixon Farmer '63-NCAA champion and meet record holder in 440 hurdles…AAU Place winner…U.S. National team…50.8 best…longtime collegiate coach…manager of 2000 U.S. Olympic Team.   

Steve Haas '63-One of the most versatile all-around runners in history ... school Records of 9.4, 20.7, 46.9 and 1:47.6…member of school record 2-mile relay team.

John McGrath '63-Three-time AAU champion in shot and discus...set AAU Indoor meet record in shot at 64’ 3½”…also 193'4" in discus...three time NCAA place winner.

Dave Moon ’63 -Member of NCAA frosh record-setting two mile relay…set a SCIAC record at 880 yards (1:50.1) in winning the conference title as a senior…also ran on conference record-setting mile relay.

Leroy Neal '63-880 and mile…school record 4:05.4 in mile…member of school record 7:21.6 2-mile relay team…longtime collegiate coach.

Mike Johnson ’64 – World ranked pole vaulter and school record holder (breaking the College record of Bob Gutowski)

Bill Neville '64-NCAA record in discus throw at 193’ 4”…later threw 205’ 6”…third on all-time world list.

Ron Whitney '64-Olympic record in 400 intermediate hurdles...two time AAU champion...NCAA silver medalist...1:48.6 for school record in 880…many national teams…16 times under 50.0… world ranked eleven consecutive years.

Mike Graves '65-NCAA silver medalist and school record holder in the pole vault.

Vance Peterson '66-All-time world list in intermediate hurdles...50.8 best...NCAA silver medalist…AAU place winner.

Dave Appleton '67-Oxy’s first 25’ long jumper…school record holder…coach…Tiger Track leader.

Bill Harvey '67- Men’s and Women’s Track & Field Coach 1979-'99.  Led men’s and women’s teams to a record 44 SCIAC Championships in 20 years.  Coached 199 All-Americans and 17 individual NCAA DIII Champions. 

Bob Deines '69-Outstanding distance runner…school record in 2-mile at 9:00.4…alternate to 1968 Olympic Team in marathon…NCAA-College Division silver medalist at 6-miles…NCAA record in one hour run.

Bill Schabram '69-School record holder in the mile at 4:03.0 and 2-mile at 8:56.9…NCAA College Division silver medalist at one mile.

Andy Steben '69-School record holder in the pole vault…16’8”…placed in NCAA, AAU and Olympic Trials…NAIA Indoor Champion.

Clint Brown '70-NCAA College Division champion in the discus throw…also placed in javelin…Bests of 175’11” (discus) and 223’ 9” (javelin).

Chuck Smith '70-NCAA College Division champion in sprints at 9.4 and 20.7 in first year of running...later ran 9.3 yards and 10.2 meters…Olympic Trials winner in 200 at 20.4…5th in Munich Olympics.

Hugh Brown '71-NCAA College Division champion in the 440…school record at 46.0…defeated Olympic champion and world record holder Lee Evans…later ran 45.6 400 meters and 44.5 relay leg.

Steve Lombard '71-School record holder in triple jump at 49’ 10 ½”…all around athlete…6’7” high jumper…208’ javelin thrower…decathlete…NCAA College Division All-American.

Dan Steben '71-NCAA College Division champion in the pole vault…with brother Andy formed history’s first 16’ brother combination…three time College Division medalist and NAIA All-American.

Rich Alejandre '72-Outstanding miler…anchored school record distance medley relay team…4:05.0 mile…NAIA medalist.

Allen Rude '72-Outstanding distance runner…school record 8:56.72-mile, 13:49.8 3-mile and 28:58.4 6-mile…Olympic trials competitor…also a member of school record distance medley relay team…NAIA All-American at 5,000 and 10,000 meters.  

Mike Wigton '72- Outstanding discus thrower, NCAA College Division All-American in 1971, NAIA All-American in 1972, 2 time SCIAC Champion, best of 175’4”.

John Toth ’73-Three time SCIAC champion in the 400 meters.  Member of the school record setting distance medley relay team. 

John Kuechle  ’74 – Three time SCIAC Long Jump Champion…NAIA All American, and the only Oxy long jump competitor to jump over 24 ft. three years in a row.

Carlos Omphroy '74-School record in javelin at 245’8”…later threw 251’ 10”…three time NAIA All-American.

Fred Carpenter '75-241’4” in javelin…later threw 250’6”…NAIA All-American…longtime coach of Athletes in Action.

Tom Henderson '75-16’1” pole vaulter…NAIA All-American … collegiate coach.

Doug Odell '75-Two time NAIA Champion in 440 hurdles…member of school record 3:07.6 1,600 meter relay team.

Joel Jameson '76-Multiple school records in distance events … 8:55.2 2-mile, 13:45.8 3-mile…NAIA Hall of Fame in cross-country.

Gene Taylor '76-School record holder in 400 hurdles at 49.8…member of school record 3:07.6 1600 meter relay team…Represented U.S. on international teams…NCAA Division III silver medalist in intermediate hurdles.

Samuel Young '76-440 and relay runner…member of school record 3:07.6 1,600 meter relay team.

Malcolm Cleary '77-800 meter runner…1:47.8 best…member of school record 3:07.6 1,600 meter relay team.

Larry David ’77-Two time All-American. Four time SCIAC Champion in 110mH & 400mH. Oxy All-Time List in 110mH & 400mH

Tom Colley '78-NCAA Division III Champion at 1500 meters…3:45 1500 meters and 4:05 mile…captain of NCAA Division III championship teams in track and cross-country.

Danny Williams '78-School record in triple jump at 50’4”…two time NCAA Division III champion and record holder in triple jump…college coach.

Pam Morris '79-Oxy’s first national class women’s track athlete…Outstanding distance runner…participated in Olympic Trials.  

Kevin Cuervo  ’80 – SCIAC Champion in the high jump, javelin (3 times), pole vault (3 times) and a NCAA Division III All American.

Kevin Hall '81-7’ high jumper…four-time NCAA Division III medalist and champion in 1978…also outstanding in 400 hurdles…decathlon and basketball.

Laurel Seiter Hacche '81-Outstanding sprinter and relay runner…set school records in 100, 200, 400, 440 relay, 1600 relay.

Carol Karamitsos ’85-NCAA Division III All-American in distance events…school records in 1500 and 3000.

Doug Porter '85-Two time NCAA Division III champion in decathlon, one time in pole vault…Bests of 7216 (school record) and 16-6…eight time All-American.

Jerri Baker ’86 – All American at 400 hurdles, 4 x400 relay and in cross country… SCIAC Champ at 400 meters.

Malcom Hardy '86-NCAA Division III 100 meter champion and member of champion 400 meter relay team…school record holder in (electronic) 100 meters.

Shawn Lawson '86-NCAA Division III heptathlon champion… nine time All-American in four events…set school records in six events.

Vance Mueller '86-NCAA Division III champion in long jump…best of 24’ 9½”…member of NCAA Champion 400 meter relay team professional football player for 6 years in NFL.

Cheryl Burditt ’87-NCAA Division III All-American and school record holder in long and triple jump.

Cresey Stewart '87-NCAA Division III champion in 1500 with long-lasting record of 4:27.11…school record holder at 800 and 1500 meters.

Peter Quint '87- Two time NCAA DIII All-American in the 3000m steeplechase. USA Deaf 3000m steeplechase and 10,000m record holder.

Chris Beard '88-School record holder in hammer…best of 199’ 7”…four time NCAA Division III All-American.  

Molly Moore '88 - School record holder in the high jump ... four-time SCIAC high jump champion ... NCAA Division III All-American.

Lionel Shaw ’89- Two time All-American in both the 800m & 1500m, four time SCIAC Champion, Oxy all-time list in the 800m. 

Michele Trimble '89-NCAA Division III champion in 3000…multiple school records in 1500, 3000, and 5000…nine time All-American.

Louise Coulter ’90 – College record holder in the shot (44’ 1 ½”) and discus (145’6”)… won the conference title in both events as a junior and senior and was All-SCIAC for four years in both… NCAA qualifier in the discus for four years and the shot put for two.

Tricia Heine ’90- NCAA Division III Champion in 1600 meter relay… NCAA DIII runner up in 800m… SCIAC Champion in 1500m.

Jenny Lawrence 90 – NCAA Division III All-American in 1600 meter relay….NCAA Division III All-American in heptathlon…Oxy all-time list in 5 different events. 

Glenda Mitchell ’90-NCAA Division III Champion in heptathlon … school record holder in both hurdles.

Ben White ’90 – College record holder in the long jump… three-time All American in the triple jump… Two-time SCIAC Champ in the long and triple jumps.

Emmet Hogan ’91-Three time All-American in cross country and two time All-American in 5000m. Oxy all-time list in 5000m.

Jacqui Dent '92-NCAA Division III Champion in 400 (twice) and 800…also All-American in 200…anchored 1600 meter relay team to a gold medal.

Mashairi Dunn ’92-School record holder and All-American in both sprints and relays.

Shannon Haack ’92- NCAA Division III Champion in 1600 meter relay… NCAA DIII All-American in 800m… Two time SCIAC Champion in 800m.

Jose Garcia ’93-Two time All-American in cross country and two time All-American in the 5000m. Oxy all-time list in 5000m and 10,000m.

Konstantine Kindreich ’93-Two time All-American in 1500m.  Cross Country All-American.  Oxy all-time list in both the 1500m & 5000m

Rebecca Kopchik '94-NCAA Division III champion in 5000…also silver medal in 5000, bronze in 3000 and two other high places in 3000.

Gunnar Miller ’94-School record holder in pole vault at 17’4¾”…three time NCAA Division III All-American.

Will Allan ’96 – Three time All-American in the 800 m…two time SCIAC Champion in both the 800m & 1500m…Oxy all-time list in the 800m.

Christina Soria ’99 – Two time All-American in the 400m…three time SCIAC Champion…Oxy all-time list in both the 200m & 400m.

Marisa Omori ’03-School record in pole vault.  Three time SCIAC Champion.  All-American, Academic All-American.

Kristen Stuart ’05- School record holder in 100m and 200m. Six time SCIAC Champion, four straight SCIAC titles in the 400m, two time All-American.

Alex Ramon 08- NCAA DIII All-American in the 3000m steeplechase. NCAA DIII All-American in Cross Country. School record holder in the 3000m steeplechase.

Kelly Young ’11-Three time NCAA DIII All-American in javelin, discus, & shot put. School record holder in all four throwing events. Three time SCIAC Champion.

Jim Bush, coach – Oxy’s track & field coach from 1962- 1964…During his tenure at Occidental, Bush-coached teams included five national champions, one Olympian and school records were set at all events from the 100 to the mile…Bush is also a member of the USA Track & Field, US Track Coaches’ Association and UCLA halls of fame.

Chuck Coker, coach - Noted coach and inventor of fitness equipment…had 10 Oxy athletes in 1960 Olympic trials…his 1957 Oxy team set two world records, two American records and four collegiate records…the 1957 team won the NAIA National Championship with a record total of 148 ½ points…his 1958 team also won the NAIA championship…he coached at Oxy from 1957-1961, beating Stanford all five times and UCLA four of five times.

Dr. Ben Culley-Long time dean of the College and track supporter…he hired Payton Jordan and had a hand in recruiting many of Oxy’s finest athletes…the Occidental College athletic training facility is named in his honor.

Joe Pipal, coach-Citizens Savings Foundation Athletic Hall of Fame as Occidental track coach...tenure of four decades...Olympic coach for his native Czechoslovakia in 1920...produced Olympic competitors...NCAA place winner and world ranked Athlete...forerunner of modern coaching techniques...noted for relay teams and versatility of his athletes.

Payton Jordan-World Class athlete and record-holder...Oxy coach for a decade...five of his Oxy athletes accounted for World Records...Two Tiger Olympic medalists...NCAA Champions, American Record Holders, and World Ranked athletes were part of his Oxy teams...noted for his brilliant relay teams...National Team Championship...U.S. Olympic Head Coach in 1968...holder of numerous Age Group Sprint Records.

1922 Men’s Mile Relay Team – Elsworth, Powers, Sangler, Buckman:  Won the college section of the Drake Relays.

1926 Men’s Mile Relay Team – Purser, Nash, Bailey, Montgomery:  Won the Class B College Championship of America at the Penn Relays.

1950 Men’s Mile Relay Team – McKibben, Ruprecht, Barnes, Parker:  Won the Fresno and Coliseum Relays.  Ran Oxy record of 3:10.1 (3:09.0 conversion).  Fastest college time in 1950.