Oxy XC Competes at Oshkosh Pre-Nationals

Oxy XC Competes at Oshkosh Pre-Nationals

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OSHKOSH, Wis. — A select group of Occidentl men's a women's cross country runners traveled to compete in the UW-Oshkosh Kollege Town Sports Invitational on Saturday. The event serves as a practice run for the nation's top teams that might be competing at the NCAA Division III National Championships later this season.

The Tigers didn't quite get the result they were looking for, but the practice of competing in foreign conditions was worth the trip. The Oxy women were 30th out of 52 top squads and the Oxy men were 25th out of 50.

"The weather and course both presented challenges today. It was in the low 40s and very muddy, which aren't conditions we often face in California," Oxy head coach Rob Bartlett said. "We didn't race as well as we would have hoped today, but the lessons we learned from facing the challenges that we were presented with will make us a better team moving forwards. Ultimately, that's why we traveled to Wisconsin this weekend."

Women's Runners (6K)

Name, Place, Time

Roxanne Valle, 65, 23:23.9

Aria Blumm, 106, 23:51.1

Kayla Lim, 202, 24:48.9

Lilah Abrams, 226, 25:03.7

Cora Davies, 232, 25:12.3

Fiona Pedrick, 245, 25:21.6

Natalie Gradwohl, 283, 26:05

Gabriella Wayne, 26:12.1

Men's Runners (8K)

Name, Place, Time

Thomas Robertson, 86, 26:24.3

Tim McClure, 101, 26:31.7

Brody Barkan, 116, 26:38.9

Charles Sheh, 142, 26:52.3

Matt Scarlett, 202, 27:25.5

Joseph Sheh, 234, 27:45.4

Tristan Santos, 262, 28:06.1

Conor Brennan, 27:41.7

"Special recognition goes to Conor Brennan and Gabi Wayne who raced by themselves in the open races because the fields were limited to seven runners at the last minute," Bartlett said.

Next Meet: Oxy is in the middle of its most important stretch of the season. The Tigers are back in action on Oct. 27 at the SCIAC Championships. 

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