Tigers Win Big at Caltech

Tigers Win Big at Caltech


LOS ANGELESMonica Chernoff and Ella Maisano led the Occidental women's water polo team to a 17-6 win at Caltech on Wednesday night.

Chernoff was all over the pool, scoring a game-high five goals with an assist, and played solid defense.

"Monica really got us going," Oxy head coach Jack Stabenfeldt said. "When she plays with high energy and communicates, we tend to play really well as a group."

Maisano was good in the cage, giving up just one goal in the second and third quarters. After leading 4-3 at the end of the first, the Tigers went on a 5-1 run in the second and allowed just three more goals total for the rest of the contest, including a shutout third.

"Ella was focused and she helped us control the game on defense," Stabenfeldt said. "It's great that she can come off the bench and provide us with a needed spark."

Oxy went on a 9-1 run in the second and third quarter to put the game out of reach.

Caltech ran a zone defense throughout the game, making it hard for the Tigers to get the ball into center. As the game progressed, Oxy showed great poise, communicating zone coverages and driving with great purpose away from the ball. The Tigers were able to move the ball on the perimeter and score in space in the second and third periods.

The Oxy attack opened up passing lanes to the center in the fourth quarter, allowing Claudia Oppermann to score two of her four goals out of center. 

Lori Berberian was also good for the Tigers, scoring four goals, with two assists and two steals, and Chandler Luebbers had a goal and a game-high four assists.

Oxy also got a boost from Emily Kapins and Nanki Sandhu who both contributed important minutes off the bench, moving well on offense to create space for shooters. 

Katie Johnston led Caltech with two goals and two assists, and Michelle Zhao, Mackenzie Wooten, Sophie Devoe and Gemma Takahashi all scored one goal.

Season Impact: The Tigers improve to 7-9 overall and 1-5 in SCIAC.

Next Game: Oxy is back in action on Saturday, playing La Verne at home at 11 a.m.

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